2020 Goddess of the Year

Every year, Spirit selects a goddess that will guide me through the growth and challenges that I will face. This year, Hecate has been chosen. I often joke that I will get Aphrodite or Venus but Spirit is far wiser than I am. So they have selected the triad goddess, Hecate. She governs over crossroads, […]

Living in Your Truth

What is an authentic life? How do we stay true to ourselves when we are being bombarded with societal expectations? What are the spiritual implications for not living our truth? Some pretty heavy questions for a Monday but an important conversation to have with yourself. I feel blessed in having been born with a stubborn […]

Being Practical in a Magical World

The wheel has turned and summer has come into full bloom. The word of the year has officially changed several times, which is not a surprise. It has changed from Inspire to Simplify and much laughter ensued about my ability to pare down. I surround myself with aesthetically pleasing things, vestiges of old hobbies and […]

Embracing My Shadow

“People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own souls. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”  ― Carl Jung   The path to peace has been a turbulent one for me. Learning to love my shadow has been challenging at […]

Muddy Water

All month the metaphor of muddy water has been drumming in the periphery of my world. The first day I heard it while listening to a podcast about a woman describing how her mother gave her ‘dirty water’ because it was all she had. This was an episode on sexual trauma and the impact it […]


Beltane marks the beginning of summer. A time when warmth drips down from the trees and herds crush wet grass underfoot making their way to pastures to fatten and sleep, under the drowsy watch of plump flies. It is also a time when my energy surges, nudging and cajoling me into starting long dreamt of […]

Let It Burn

Walking the spiritual path is a journey fraught with uncertainty, death, and being reborn from the ashes of what held you in place for too long. In a shamanic sense, we are meant to cycle through these growth and death periods to help us learn. Being blessed with a gift that bridges the living and […]

Past Life Regression

As a spiritual consultant, I have had the opportunity to share in the journey of many gifted individuals. My own path has been a unique one, due to the blessings of spiritual gifts from both my maternal and paternal lines. I have memories of multiple past lives and though I recognize the utility of past […]

Past Lives & Hobbies

I Never Know Where I am Going to Find Myself Last year, a couple of close friends of mine started attending a class in Sogetsu Ikebana. I was immediately intrigued. For years, I had been drawn to Ikebana but had not pursued it. It was an art form derived from a culture that was not […]

A Spiritual Journey: Japan

In life there are a million different pathways to choose from, I suppose I could say that I chose this path or more accurately that I was fated for this journey, either way, my decision to accept my spiritual gifts was transformative. Japan was the first destination in finding myself and the guides that would […]

Warrior of Light

“The Warrior of the Light does not worry that, to others, his behavior might seem quite mad. He talks out loud to himself when he is alone. Someone told him that this is the best way of communicating with the angels, and so he takes a chance and tries to make contact. At first, he […]

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