Beltane marks the beginning of summer. A time when warmth drips down from the trees and herds crush wet grass underfoot making their way to pastures to fatten and sleep, under the drowsy watch of plump flies.

It is also a time when my energy surges, nudging and cajoling me into starting long dreamt of projects, finishing languishing ones, and digging my hands deep into the earth to help things grow.

This summer there are plans to expand the herb and vegetable garden, to hold full moon circles, spell cast for my ishq, write poetry while sipping tea on the lanai, take crystals down to the ocean to bathe in the waves, and spend a few days wandering in the woods.

However you choose to spend your brightest days, may they be authentic and full of promise for your soul’s journey.

In this briefest of moments, I shall break with my usual tendency towards privacy and share a little poem I wrote.

Rivulets of sweat

Wind their way into hidden regions

Of the temple

Awakening a long-forgotten dance

Feels like this summer is bringing a change in the winds, a call to something new. How exciting it is to wait for it all to unfold.

Blessed Be.

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