Let It Burn

Walking the spiritual path is a journey fraught with uncertainty, death, and being reborn from the ashes of what held you in place for too long. In a shamanic sense, we are meant to cycle through these growth and death periods to help us learn.

Being blessed with a gift that bridges the living and the spirit world reminds us that pain is necessary. It is how we shed the skins of our old beliefs and honor the lessons we were meant to learn.

We have to be willing to step outside of the ordinary, away from expectation and other people’s perspectives of us so that we can fully become what we are meant to be, which includes embracing our shadow selves.

Now is the time to call upon guides, ancestors, and the higher self to usher in a time of healing and understanding. To create a moment for reflection and identify what you need to let go of because it no longer serves you. To give thanks to your shadow that protects you and embodies the darker parts of you because light can not exist without the other.

And when you are ready to take it to the fire, let it burn.

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