Lunar Rituals

Join us for a deeper dive into the power of the full moon.

Long ago, the ancients walked in the path of the seasons and the pull of the moon. Every month, we will take a glimpse into rituals and possibilities within the lunar cycle.

For more moon specific information, click the moons below.

January’s Wolf Moon is a time to leave behind beliefs, relationships, and other stressors that did not serve your greater good. It is an opportunity to reset your sacred space. Recommended rituals: cleaning your home with sage or palo santo, washing your doorways with peppermint and sage essential oil, and taking a ritual bath. This full moon will include a lunar eclipse. Have crystals or familiars you would like to bless? This moon is a great time to do so.

February’s Snow Moon has also been know as the Hunger Moon. During the darkest and coldest times of the winter and reserves ran low, we crave the return of the light and warmth. This month also marks Imbolc. Recommended rituals: review the beginning of your witch’s year through journaling, set your intentions for your upcoming spring with vision boards, and bless the seeds of your garden and soul.

March’s Worm Moon has also been known as the Sap Moon. It occurs nears the spring equinox every year. It is known as a time of fertility, renewal, and rebirth. Called the worm moon, as the ground is beginning to thaw and the earthworms to wiggle their way back up into the gardens. Recommended rituals: Review your year and revise any plans that need changing. Spiritually and/or physically clean yourself and your space to usher in new energy. Focus on healing and including practices of self-care.