March: Worm Moon

March’s full moon is the Worm Moon, also known as the Sap Moon. It occurs around the spring equinox. It heralds in the beginning of spring, with the earthworms wriggling their way up to the surface once again, gracing our gardens with all their lovely work, hence the name.

This is a time of fertility, renewal, and rebirth. During our long winter’s night, we rested and contemplated our spiritual journeys. Now we will take those reflections and make any needed changes. The energy will begin to rise until it peaks at Samhain.

As spring is upon us, so too is a time of healing and cleaning. If you want to make positive changes to your diet, increase exercise, try a new meditation class, or grow your own food, it is the perfect time to start!

You can also do a traditional spring cleaning of your personal space and/or work space. Adding in a few new touches like crystals, plants, or your favorite books. Incense, palo santo, or sage can be used to clean old energies that need moving.

Let us know how you plan to start your spring!

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