February: Snow Moon

February’s full moon is known as the Snow Moon or Full Hunger Moon. During this moon, the heaviest of the snowfalls would happen leaving people to rely on their food reserves and to wait out the last of winter until they could hunt and plant again. This moon reminds us of our old hunger during the dark nights. This moon is a great time to ask yourself, “What is it that I am hungering for in my life?” It is a time of intention, manifestation, and preparation.

Recommended rituals for this moon include:

  1. Add fresh eucalyptus to the shower.
  2. Order and bless the seeds for your garden.
  3. Create vision boards and/or a word of the year to help direct your practice.
  4. Journal about what you would like to change or grow in your life.
  5. Take time to commit to self-care.

Enjoy your last winter’s full moon! Spring is upon us!

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