January: Wolf Moon

January’s full moon is known as the Wolf Moon. It is the perfect time to review belief systems, relationships, and life patterns to determine what no longer serves you and decide what you would like to change. This deep winter’s moon is the perfect opportunity to focus on creating and resetting sacred space to rest in.

Recommended rituals for this moon include:

  1. Cleaning and purifying your home. You might choose to sage or palo santo, wash doorways and windows with peppermint and sage essential oil, or use blessed sand or salt to outline the perimeters of your property. I chose to visit my local Shinto shrine for blessed sand and salt then combined them to use on the outer edges of our land.
  2. This full moon brought a lunar eclipse so it was the perfect time to bless our newest familiar Jinx and recent crystal additions to our collections.
  3. Every first full moon of the new year, I visit my local Shinto shrine for omamori for luck and protection at work and home.
  4. Ritual baths are also a great way to relax and reset during this moon.

However, you choose to celebrate may it be a time of release and resetting. I start my new year at the beginning of the wheel, Samhain, but find that I also like to honor the beginning of the calendar year.

With the wheel in mind, we are still in the long winter’s night so all rituals should be restful and respectful of our low energies.