Past Life Regression

As a spiritual consultant, I have had the opportunity to share in the journey of many gifted individuals. My own path has been a unique one, due to the blessings of spiritual gifts from both my maternal and paternal lines.

I have memories of multiple past lives and though I recognize the utility of past life regression; I have never sought it out for myself. Over the past few weeks, several friends and clients have started discussing their interest and experiences with past life regression. I have always supported their interest but been cautious. I believe everyone interested in past life regression should find a practitioner who has had extensive experience, training, and, if possible, multiple referrals available regarding their work. Spirit has always said, “things should unwind in time.” I take that to mean one doesn’t pry the lid off of a spiritual matter but simply eases it open when the time is right.

With all that said, I am open for a challenge. One of my previous clients had a saying, “I will try anything twice.” It always made me giggle. So I say to them, “let’s do it!” I found a practitioner who has trained with Brian Weiss and has multiple clients, that I know personally, who speak highly of their work. It will be interesting to see what comes of the next two weeks. I have two sessions scheduled. Like they say, “I’ll try anything twice.”

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