Clear Quartz Crystal

20141129_185317 (1).jpg

I am a firm believer, if you are going to have any crystals, you should definitely have clear quartz. Clear quartz is also known as crystal quartz. It can be found all over the world, in many different forms. It is associated with the crown chakra and known as the “master healer”.

For those unfamiliar with all of the healing properties, think of it as an amp. It amplifies energy, intention, and other crystals near it. It is also a filter of sorts. It can hold and filter energy. You can set it with intention or leave it to filter out negative energy, while amplifying stones near by. Simply put, clear quartz is a multi-purpose, hard working crystal that makes a fantastic addition to any collection.

Fair warning, clear quartz can have different levels of energy. Each stone is an individual, with its own strength. The quartz, pictured above, is a very strong specimen, sent to me from Ireland. It was hand selected by healers there, so I knew beforehand that it would be a higher energy stone. Other pieces I have acquired have been ‘softer’ in their energy. Be open to what each individual stone brings and what is the right fit for you in your journey.




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