Being Practical in a Magical World

The wheel has turned and summer has come into full bloom. The word of the year has officially changed several times, which is not a surprise. It has changed from Inspire to Simplify and much laughter ensued about my ability to pare down. I surround myself with aesthetically pleasing things, vestiges of old hobbies and projects, and the accoutrements of everything that has presently caught my attention. Dried flowers, vases, seashell artwork, books on witchcraft and shamanism, tarot decks, and apothecary items litter my room and my mind. So why did I change my word to Practical for the remainder of the wheel?

Simply put, there has to be some practicality even in a life full of magic. My strength is my ability to take flight, to create, and to move through the different worlds. My challenge is finishing anything that I find boring or mundane. The impact this has had on my life has been frustratingly clear. But I decided, no more.

I spent hours re-organizing all of the supplies for my current hobbies, repacked my work bag, made a priority list of all the un-fun things I needed to get done, and set to checking the items off one by one.

To my great surprise, several items came off quickly. It was the perception of the item being boring, tedious, and something that could wait for some unspecified day that had kept it on my list. Now it is gone and I feel freer. I feel like I have more space in my life for a deeper enjoyment and appreciation of the magical parts. So I will continue with my practical list until it is completed because even a magical life needs a strong foundation and an organized dried herb cabinet.

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