2020 Goddess of the Year

Every year, Spirit selects a goddess that will guide me through the growth and challenges that I will face. This year, Hecate has been chosen.

I often joke that I will get Aphrodite or Venus but Spirit is far wiser than I am. So they have selected the triad goddess, Hecate. She governs over crossroads, witchcraft, magic, ghosts, and necromancy. Historically, she has also been associated with the wild places and child birth.

Her symbols are a pair of torches, dogs (hell hounds), serpents, keys, her wheel, the moon, and creatures of the night, to name a few. She uses the keys to open gates and hidden knowledge, the knife to sever the cords of life and death, and the torch to bring light and wisdom. Her companions are the Furies, goddesses of vengeance.

Plant associations are belladonna, hemlock, mandrake, poppies, aconite, dandelion, garlic, lavender, willow, and the yew tree.

So how will she guide my year? I will encounter five crossroads this year: work, love, family, health, and home. Each one a crucial step in my soul’s journey. Hecate will light my path and guide me through these choice points. In her honor, I will be following, even closer, the cycle of the moon to set my intentions and review the blessings and messages given. I will be connecting gifted individuals and holding gatherings this year.

365 days to learn, grow, and share.

She is like a cat in the dark and then

She is the darkness

She rules her life like a fine skylark and when

The sky is starless

Rhiannon -Fleetwood Mac

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