The Dark Witch Series by Nora Roberts

My first recommendation for the RSF Witches’ Book Club would have to be the Dark Witch series, also more popularly known as the Cousins O’Dwyer series. Let me start by saying that before reading this series I was neither a Nora Roberts fan nor a fan of romance novels, unless you are counting classic British literature because…Jane Austen.

A dear friend, my Couster, convinced me to read this series. We had fun waiting for the next one to be released, sharing our thoughts about what happened, and guessing what would come next. It was nothing truly ground breaking. All Nora Roberts’ novels have similar story patterns and this one is no different. Each book focusing on two main characters with a predictable but also enjoyable conclusion to each pairing as the story moves along.

What captivated me most was the Irish backdrop, the historical and modern day settings, and the large dollop of witchery found in every book. Couster and I schemed about living out our own version of these books resulting in a grand adventure!

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We packed our bags and mapped out the major scenes in the books. After landing in Ireland, we began retracing the steps of our favorite witches. Staying in the same castle as the first heroine at Ashford Castle and playing with the Irish Wolfhounds.

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Flying the hawks through the forest of the castle grounds. Visiting Ballintubber Abbey.

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So if you have the time and inclination to settle in for an easy read with plenty of witchery and romance. I recommend this series. I will always be nostalgic about them as they became the catalyst for a bucket list trip!

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And if you ever get the chance to dance at the Giant’s Causeway as the sun sets, I highly recommend that too!

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